Computational Aspects of Generating Catalan Numbers

Bachelor Thesis Nikola Horníková


doc. RNDr. Tatiana Jajcayová, PhD.


Catalan Numbers appear in various contexts in Computer science. The nthCatalan number is given directly in terms of binomial coefficients, and the recursive definition given by a non-linear recurrence relation is also known.One of the mathematical objects to which the Catalan numbers are related areso called Hankel matrices, and those, in turn, are used with Hidden Markov models


The goal of the theses is to study this connection between the Catalan numbers and Hidden Markov models. Possible means to achieve this is to connect various different combinatorial problems in Informatics in which Catalan Numbers appear, employ some knowledge of statistics and probability, understandHidden Markov models and design good tests and algorithms. This requires to use “intelligent" approach to programming as the sequence of Catalan Numbers grows very fast.

Main Chapters

Time schedule

31.10. 2019 : Web page

12.11. 2019 : Time schedule

26.11. 2019 : Resources and presentation

12.1. 2020 : Prototype

13.1.2020 - 9.4.2020 : Additional research and implementation

10.4. 2020 : Finishing research

10.5. 2020 : Writing chapters: Introduction, Conclusion

20.5. 2020 : Final touches

22.5. 2020 : Thesis done

22.5. 2020 : Application done

15.6. 2020 : Finishing presentation

x.6. 2020 Presenting


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