Main goal

The goal of the bachelor thesis is to make a VR application in Unity (Unreal) engine for rendering of music performance. The virtual scene should be composed of stage, instruments, people (musicians, observers) etc. The scene can be rendered from musician’s or observer’s point of view. The scene should be rendered for head-mounted display - OSVR or Oculus. The movement of the musicians will be animated from captured motion capture data.

Structure of work

Basic scene in unity, searching modells and textures.

VR integration, Camera control scripts, basic User Interface and functionality.

Optimalization of scene and meshes polygons, Person modell animations with cameras.

Point cloud records, and animation.


2017 December

Unity scene with models, basic animations with imported .bvh

Documentation - Resources,basic structure, topics

2018 January - February

Vr integration and camera controls

User interface with controls/gestures

Camera animation

2018 March - April

All .bvh animations and optimalization

Performance/Graphics optimalization

Lighting/audio effects

2018 April - May

Debugging, performance tests

Point cloud animations

Export and publish