Deep Learning-Based Human Body Segmentation on 3D Body Scans


19.11.2021 Point cloud normalisation and annotation.
30.11.2021 Studying and locating research resources.
31.12.2021 PointNet implementation and training.
7.1.2022 Results evaluation and visualisation.
15.1.2022 Writing first thesis pages.
14.2.2022 Implementing PointNet for part segmentation.
21.2.2022 Retraining PointNet for part segmentation.
7.3.2022 Implement PointNet++.
14.3.2022 Train PointNet++.
21.3.2022 Evaluate PointNet++.
7.3.2022 Implement RandLA-Net.
4.4.2022 Train RandLA-Net.
11.4.2022 Evaluate RandLA-Net.
25.4.2022 Evaluate Results.
10.5.2022 Implement dataset augmentation.
20.5.2022 Retrain networks on augmented data.
3.6.2022 Finishing bachelors thesis.
Results Tools Thesis prototype